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QSTARS Complaint Policy

Complaint Policy

The Tenants Queensland Complaint policy ensures that clients have open access to a process that allows clients to make complaints about the organisation as a whole, individuals within it and/or services provided by the Tenants’ Union.

Tenants Queensland clients are encouraged to make complaints about any aspect of the service with which they are dissatisfied. All client complaints are taken seriously and thoroughly considered.

Complaints can be made verbally or in writing by approaching either a staff member, the Statewide Coordinator, the Tenants Queensland Steering Committee or an external funding body.

Summary of Complaints Process

This document provides information on the process for lodging a complaint with TQ and also the process that we will follow in response to being notified of a complaint.

A full copy of Tenants Queensland’s Complaint Policy is available here.

TQ seeks to ensure clients have access to open processes for making complaints about the organisation as a whole, individuals within it and/or services provided.

Complaints are taken seriously and thoroughly considered and all attempts are made to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. TQ seeks feedback from clients and recognises client complaints as a way of improving its services.

Grounds for complaints

As a client of TQ you have grounds for complaint where you feel there has been:

  • A breach of confidentiality or privacy
  • Inadequate standard of service provision and/or professionalism
  • Denial of personal rights
  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Conflict arising from lack of communication or misunderstanding
  • Organisational policy issue
  • Problem with advice or action recommended

How to lodge a complaint

You can make a complaint in writing or verbally and you can ask an advocate or someone else on your behalf to make the complaint, by approaching either

  • A permanent member of staff
  • The Statewide Coordinator
  • The Steering Committee

QSTARS contact details

Address: 3/67 St Paul’s Tce, Spring Hill 4000

Phone: 3832 9447, Fax: 3910 1108

Complaint process

In resolving a complaint the following steps will be followed.

Within two days of making your complaint the Statewide Co-ordinator or a member of the Steering Committee will contact you to listen to your issues of concern. They may be able to work out an appropriate solution or course of action to resolve your concerns. You may receive a letter detailing the nature of the complaint, the agreed actions and resolution.

If the matter is not resolved, you can ask that it be referred to the Steering Committee who may delegate a few members to investigate and resolve the complaint by separately meeting with you, staff members involved and any other relevant persons, within ten working days.

Within the following ten working days, the delegated people will recommend a course of action based on their investigation. The Steering Committee will write to you and any staff members concerned detailing the decision.

In the event that the Steering Committee is unable to resolve the matter or you are not happy with the outcome you will be referred to the appropriate external body such as

  • The Department of Communities
  • Legal Aid
  • A mediation service
  • Or other body.

The following principles of natural justice are applied by TQ in addressing client complaints;

  1. Clients have the right to complain
  2. Workers have the right to know of complaints made against them and offer a response
  3. Clients are not denied continued service by making a complaint
  4. All complaints are appropriately investigated in a timely manner
  5. All parties can be represented or supported by an advocate at any time if preferred
  6. All relevant submissions and evidence are considered in making determinations
  7. Decisions are fair, just and free from bias
  8. Complainants and respondents can appeal if dissatisfied with the grievance outcome.

An anonymous informal complaint can also be made to TQ.