Translated Factsheets and Flyers


Statewide advice number

1300 744 263

Individuals and families from non – English speaking backgrounds often have a limited understanding and knowledge of tenancy law. New and emerging communities across Queensland from linguistically diverse backgrounds potentially face language barriers that result in these communities being unable to understand their rights and responsibilities regarding their tenancies, and further, may have limited knowledge of services they can access.

 Tenants Queensland (TQ) in identifying these barriers and the lack of existing resources specifically for people from non-English speaking backgrounds applied to The Department of Housing and Public Works for additional funding to develop a suite of translated resources. The aim of the translated resources is to promote awareness of tenancy issues, rights and responsibilities, and to provide information on how to access the Queensland Statewide Tenants Advice and Referral Service (QSTARS) program for tenants from non-English speaking backgrounds.