General Tenancy


Statewide advice number

1300 744 263

Click on the links below for information about the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 and how it applies to common tenancy issues affecting tenants and residents in Queensland.

Renting in Queensland

Starting a tenancy

Rent and other charges

Rental Bonds

Repairs and maintenance

Entry and privacy

Leaving the tenancy

Lessor ends the tenancy

Resolving tenancy disputes

Tenancy Databases

Solving disputes – going to QCAT for a tenancy tribunal hearing

This information applies for tenants in general tenancies (renting a flat, unit or house), tenants in moveable tenancies (renting in a caravan park) and residents in rooming accommodation  (renting a room only where you share common areas, such as a kitchen, or bathroom, with other residents)

If you rent a room in rooming accommodation you may also want to see  Rooming Accommodation information for residents

If you rent in shared accommodation, or if violence affects your tenancy, see sharing information or visit the Tenants Queensland website  Share house fact sheets :

Share Housing – Your Legal Status

Terminating Co-tenancies When Not All Tenants Leave

When Violence Affects Your Tenancy