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Statewide advice number

1300 744 263


1300 744 263

Hours of operation – 9am -5pm Mon-Fri
Evening advice- 5pm -7pm Tue and Wed

Please note that we often experience a high volume of calls and you may receive a busy tone or busy message.  Please keep trying

If you are calling from outside Queensland, or cannot call a 1300 number, you can call the local Brisbane QSTARS number – (07) 38329403

If you are calling on a mobile and cost is an issue ask the advice worker to call you back.

We can arrange an interpreter if requested.

Alternately you can call the Translating Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450. They can assist you to contact our service.

Community support workers

If you are a community support worker you can refer clients to the QSTARS phone advice service on 1300 744 263.

Alternately, if you have permission from your client, you can to refer your client to QSTARS for advice and assistance.

To refer a client to QSTARS for advice you can email TQ at or call the TQ office on 3832 9447 to arrange a referral.

Who can we assist?

  • Residential tenants, rooming residents, boarders and prospective renters.
  • Advice if you are having a tenancy dispute with your lessor, agent or provider.
  • Advice if you are renting in private rental (from an agent or private lessor), in social housing (in public or community housing) or renting in a caravan park or boarding house.

Who we cannot assist

  • Lessors, agents or organisations that provide housing.
  • We do not advise head-tenants in dispute with people they rent to. If a head tenant rents rooms to other tenants the head-tenant is acting as a lessor.
  • Disputes in relation to neighbourhood issues, these are not covered by tenancy law.

See our Sharing fact sheets and General Tenancy Fact sheets for more information.

Neighbourhood disputes

Neighbourhood disputes are not covered by tenancy laws. If you have a neighbourhood dispute:

  • contact your local council for noise guidelines.
  • report serious neighbourhood disturbances and illegal activity to police.
  • contact a Community Legal Service for advice about your legal options.
  • contact the Queensland Dispute Resolution Service for mediation assistance and tips to help you resolve a neighbourhood dispute.
Neighbourhood issues for tenants
  • Tenants and residents must not cause a nuisance or disturb neighbours or other residents. Tenants can be given a breach notice by their lessor or provider if this occurs. Tenants and residents can dispute a breach notice if they do not think the breach is justified.
  • If you are a tenant and have concerns about a neighbourhood dispute you can report your concerns to your agent or lessor. Your lessor agent or provider must take reasonable steps to ensure you have peace and privacy in your rental premises. You may need evidence of the seriousness of your concerns. Keep a record or diary of events, including your notice to the lessor or agent.